I know these venting posts are getting really fucking lame and I’m trying my best to balance actual cartoon stuff with nerd rage but I had to get this out

near the end of this video: progressive cool dude, tumblr darling and ex-shotacon scat artist (not a joke) shmorky directing bitter gay sex burns at an obviously underage boy. basically, acting like a childish, repulsive bully, just like the rest of the adult babies on Something Awful who, to this day, honestly believe that ‘becoming an adult’ equals ‘making fun of and claiming superiority over teenagers’.

the difference here, of course, being that Shmorky himself is a literal infantilism fetishist, making my ‘adult baby’ joke up there not a joke anymore.


[nsfw] [not mind safe] [shmorky camwhoring and his gay furry scat shotacon drawings where he draws himself as a little bunny child shitting while an older version of himself looks on erect]

<Images removed in the reblog, they’re in the original post if you truly feel like disgusting yourself>

this is the person countless people on tumblr appreciate. someone who went from drawing gay furry shotacon to joining Something Awful and claiming that the people who like that stuff are objectively the “scum of the internet” (his words, not mine) and fully embraced the bitter cynicism of the that community… then suddenly decided he’s a progressive warrior of justice by joining tumblr’s broken, EPIC BURN-focused, e-populist Social Justice Sally feminist clique that is not doing a single thing to help a single oppressed person in the real world and serves no purpose beyond ego-stroking and making actually helpful feminist causes look bad.

and you wanna know what else

I would not give a rat’s ass about what he masturbates to if not for his colossal hypocrisy, utter lack of a spine, tendency to shift his personal morals and values depending on whatever internet clique he’s currently sucking up to and his attempts to portray himself as an oppressed victim and generally being a creepy mother fucker

you all know I’m pretty fucking weird myself. it shouldn’t take more than a cursory glance at my tumblr to prove this. but what I can safely state is that I’m not a walking contradiction. I always say what I think and I don’t give a shit about my status on the internet at large.

Shmorky on the other hand is someone who claims that people who are into lolicon are literal pedophiles and utter scum. I’d like to believe I can’t be wrong and/or hypocritical to think it’s questionable for someone who equates that stuff to ‘real-world pedophilia’ to have drawn boatloads of that very stuff he is decrying, drawn >HIMSELF< as a fetishized child multiple times, made comics where he drew himself as a cute girly depressed smurf bemoaning the fact that he is “not pretty”, built his entire internet persona around infantile cuteness and then literally, honest-to-motherfucking-jesus-christ-and-all-that-is-holy BABYSIT LOWTAX’S 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IN REAL LIFE:


it’s honestly depressing and annoying as all shit to see artists I’ve followed and admired for years enable the garbage of Shmorky and other, similarly… flawed individuals.

at worst, he’s just a terrible trainwreck and 100% responsible for all of his negative, self-loathing thoughts and someone that Lowtax should be keeping fucking far away from his child. at best, he’s a deeply broken, depressed person that draws pretty well who needs to see a shrink. on no fucking level does this human being belong on a podium and his baseless, attention-driven ‘values’ shouldn’t have to poison any actually-sane person’s belief system.

time to watch those followers drop like flies!


Still genuinely amazed at people who revere Shmorky for those cutesy comics he’s been producing on Tumblr recently while conveniently forgetting that he once dedicated an entire 5 minute cartoon to making fun of fat, mentally handicapped people and routinely used slurs in his Flashtub animations. I remember the comic mentioned above being the first time something I was watching online ever hit home.

Y’all will just wrap your arms around anything with flowers and pink on it, won’t ya? It’s like that fucking neo-nazi from earlier this week who drew the cutesy scribbles about clubbing people for being “cisphobic.” You folks see anything with a cute, soft look to it and just gobble it up without thinking about the message. I could post a picture that says “gas ‘em if they’re different” and as long as it has a sketchy style to it and soft bright colors, I’d get a shit-ton of people begging for it on a t-shirt.

I’m sick of no one taking Shmorky to task for the shit he used to produce. I’m sick of him going on with this cutesy hippy crap, thinking he can just reinvent himself on the sly and hope no one remembers how horrible his old work was.

I wish someone would call him out, and I want to hear the excuse he comes up with for his old work.


noattentionwhoring asked:

I think we should put fat people in camps, keep them on a diet of 1200 calorites and force them to work out. Once they can demonstrate self control they'll be released. Repeat offenders can just be put down.

keepursulafat answered:

Oh my god, first hatemail received and it’s a perfect example of why this blog and many like it are necessary and important!!!!

I mean, I’m just a lil ol’ blog talking mostly about fatphobia in just fanart and fandom, but here I am getting this extremist "all fat people must be imprisoned and policed or killed!!" message. Aw shucks, I don’t deserve this kind of message yet!! I feel like I’m making a difference already, getting this sort of thing. You really shouldn’t feed a girl’s ego so much, it might *gasp* get fatter!

Anyways, this here is why fat erasure in any creative works - fan-made or otherwise - is such a huge fucking problem. Because representing the realities about fat people, our lives, our bodies, and our inherent humanity so very rarely (or negatively) in our media erases those truths and realities about fat people from our cultural consciousness, and it may not sound like violence, BUT IT IS. It is a small part of a greater cultural violence aimed at fat people.

Fanartists who make fat characters thin may not see the violence in their act of erasing the fatness in their erasing of the fatness of characters’ bodies, or in the fatphobic ideas they express (whether overtly or covertly communicated) — equating fatness with ugliness, expressing disgust with fat bodies, equating fatness with undesirability as a state of being, equating fatness with the inability to attract a partner, etc. — BUT THAT DOES NOT CHANGE THAT IT IS A VIOLENCE.

Because at the root of the reasons why people want to erase fatness, is a deep ingrained hatred and disgust related to fatness. And the fact that they see fat bodies as being so horribly reprehensible on all levels makes them want to never see fat people at all. Not anywhere. Not ever.

So fatphobes don’t want to see fat people in the media, in art, in comics, whatever. That’s easy enough to make happen! Just never ever depict fat people, and if you do only depict them negatively or comically so you can scoff or laugh at their gross sad bodies and lives. And if a cool positive fatty somehow shows up, just ignore their fatness really hard and make them thin when you redraw them! It’s not difficult to make creative works reflect a happy ideal world where fat people don’t exist.

But the thing is, fatphobes also don’t want to see fat people in real life, cause they’re just as gross to encounter there! You really don’t wanna see those disgusting ugly fatties, but they just won’t stop being around you all the time everywhere!! But you can’t just redraw over them and *poof* make them thin. How do you make that same erasure accomplished in the media happen in real life?  What do you do???

Maybe you harrass them about how awful their existence is and how important getting thin is. All the time. And you fill the media with a similar bombardment. Maybe you push them to get surgery that could either make them thin or kill them, because hey either way those options both result in you getting what you want!! Maybe you send uppity fatties online messages about how they and all people like them should be imprisoned, constantly policed, and starved into submission so they become acceptable to you, OR SHOULD BE KILLED. Please, try to tell me there is no violence in that.

Because again, FAT ERASURE’S ULTIMATE GOAL IS THAT NO FAT PEOPLE SHOULD EXIST, AND FATPHOBIC PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN IT ULTIMATELY DON’T ACTUALLY CARE HOW IT’S DONE. Forcibly starve them all to thinness? Sure! Force them to devote their lives to becoming thin to the detriment of all else? Sure! Dangerous surgeries to make them thin? Sure! Harass them so much they retreat from the public sphere forever and never show themselves to you? Sure! Just kill them all? Sure! Because deep down, fatphobes don’t care about the path followed, so long as they reach all-thin-paradise at the end of it. The ends justify whatever means necessary. It’s all of it for a greater good - the greater good of everyone not having to be subjected to dealing with fat people any more.

So yeah, the erasure of fat characters in stuff is so so SO related to this hateful, extreme message advocating for the forced thinning and/or murder of all fat people!!!!!

((P.S. Block and report the fuck out of this fuckwad of a tumblr user, everyone!!))

This is why I ain’t about to trust fit people. Go hook your bicep on a rusty screw and pull, you sick piece of shit. Why the fuck are so many gymbodies such fucking sadists?


every anti sj comic ever

  • Xtremely irrational minority person: kill and eat all straights
  • author self insert: oh my such vulgar language i almost felt a bead of sweat roll down my delicate forehead mmm yes oh my
  • good rational minority person: Hey, the Heterosexual Community has feelings that matter as much as yours or mine. By spouting such awful things you are literally oppressing people-their rights and privileges are being drained from them as you type on this microblogging site. To quote Dr. Martin Ghandi X, "why c an't we jsut bbe nice uwu"
  • Xtremely irrational minority person: *pees*
  • author self insert: thank u good rational minority person. it is a shame not everyone can be as good as u *feed treat*
  • good rational minority person: woof